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Sunset over the horizon ~ By Christian Delbert

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Milky Way over Speedboat Beach, Lake Tahoe. [OC][1935x2580]

Astronaut Kathryn Thornton in the cargo bay of the Space Shuttle Endeavour, May 14, 1992.

Giant Galaxy-Spying Telescope Set to Break Ground in Hawaii

  A giant, 100-foot-diameter (30 meters) telescope has been green-lighted for construction on the island of Hawaii.
  The Hawaii Board of Land and Natural Resources gave approval on July 25 for construction to begin on the Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT), a massive observatory on the summit of Mauna Kea, said representatives for The TMT Observatory Corp., a  collaboration of universities involved in the telescope’s development.
  "TMT has worked for many years to design an unprecedented telescope, but also to work with the community to incorporate respect for Mauna Kea in our stewardship," Gary Sanders, project manager for TMT, said in a statement. "It is an honor and a privilege to now begin building our next-generation observatory in so special a place."
  When it begins operations, TMT will enable astronomers to explore objects inside the solar system, stars throughout the Milky Way and neighboring galaxies, and forming galaxies at the farthest edge of the observable universe.
  Since the site was chosen, the telescope’s construction has been controversial among native Hawaiians, for whom the volcano represents sacred ground.
  Nevertheless, the first phase of construction is scheduled to begin later this year, on a mountain that’s host to other world-class observatories, including the twin 33-foot (10 m) Keck telescopes. The proposed telescope would be three times the size of each of the Keck telescopes.

Just by being exposed to ambient sound like traffic noise, people talking, or music playing, this new phone can charge itself. It’s being developed by researchers in the UK, and Nokia.Read more:
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